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Dana White Talks Conor McGregor & more!
Dana White recently spoke to about the contenders in the UFC Featherweight Division. Here is what he had to say… “Especially with all the excitement in that division with Conor McGregor, Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar – that division is so exciting that people are talking about freaking Nik Lentz and Dennis Bermudez. I told Cub and Frankie, ‘Don’t worry about anything you hear with all the Conor McGregor talk and all the other stuff. You worry about Cub Swanson and you worry about Frankie Edgar.’ Believe me, the fact that people are arguing over who should get a title shot in the 145-pound division isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing.”

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Posted on 25 Jan 2013
by Staff

Middleweight Bout: Cortez Coleman (186) vs. Matt Jones (182.8)

ROUND ONE: The fighters start off with a pretty evenly matched boxing match. Cortez finds his range and starts to tag Jones. Jones kicks Cortez in the junk. Jones is throwing a lot more jabs now. Coleman returns with a series of hooks, wanting to end this as early as possible. Coleman grabs a Thai clinch but can't capitalize. Over the top elbow from Coleman. They trade a bit more as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Coleman 10-9

ROUND TWO: They clash again in the center of the cage. Jones lands an outside leg kick. Coleman content to throw power counter strikes. Jones lands a shot behind the ear. Coleman lands knee in the clinch. Coleman lands another knee and follows with an uppercut that stuns him. Coleman continues to press forward and Jones nearly falls over! Cortez throws an overhand but Jones hits him with a big counter. Coleman lands a one-two and Jones is on spaghetti legs. Jones is staying with it, landing more strikes. Hard right from Coleman.

SCORECARD: Coleman 10-8

ROUND THREE: Jones tries for a takedown. They clinch against the fence. Coleman backs out but Jones tries again for a takedown. Nothing doing for Jones. Jones lands another windmill right. Leg kick from Jones. Uppercut from Coleman. Right hook from Jones. He misses the next one. Jones ducks a punch and hits a shot in the gut. Left hook from Coleman. Coleman content to just circle away and run out the clock. Inside leg kick from Jones. Jones and Coleman are winging single shots at each other.

SCORECARD: Jones 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Cortez Coleman by unanimous decision (29-28X3).

Lightweight Bout: Zach Church (154.6) vs. Damon Jackson (155.2)

ROUND ONE: High kick from Jackson. Body kick from Jackson and he follows with a front face lock. Church turns him around. Church tries a judo throw but Jackson stays on his feet. Church leaps on his back but that fails. Jackson trips him and then takes his back. With a waist lock, Jackson takes him down. He lands an elbow. Jackson still has his back. Church reverses position and gets top position. Jackson stays hooked to Church's leg. Church stands up and his dragged back down. Jackson gets full mount! Church explodes out and they get to their feet. Big knees from Jackson. Suplex from Jackson ends the round!

SCORECARD: Jackson 10-9

ROUND TWO: Church tries early for a takedown but Jackson ends up in the top position. Jackson drops some elbows. Jackson looks for an arm triangle. Church explodes out and ends up with an inverted arm bar! Church is putting some tork on that arm. Jackson reverses position and takes his back. He locks in the rear-naked choke! Church finally taps out!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Damon Church by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:43 of round 2.

Welterweight Quarterfinal Bout: Raul Amaya (171) vs. Jose Gomes (170.8)

ROUND ONE: Both men come out swinging! Both do a fair job of tagging the other in the mush. Amaya finally wins the war and clobbers Gomes! He pounces and snares a rear-naked choke! Gomes pulls away Amaya falls throwing a strike and Gomes lights him up! Amaya recovers and then Gomes falls! We have ourselves a drunken brawl! Amaya knocks Gomes to the canvas again! They trade and Amaya knocks Gomes flat! He pounces again and after a bit of a long wait from the ref, the fight is finally stopped.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Raul Amaya by TKO at 3:12 of round 1.

Welterweight Quarterfinal Bout: Brent Weedman (171) vs. Marius Zaromskis (169.2)

ROUND ONE: Weedman throws a jab and goes right for a takedown. He picks him up and drops him. Weedman has side control. Weedman appears to be attempting yet another Von Flue choke. Zaromskis is trying to escape, which he does. Weedman puts a knee on the belly. Zaromskis stands up but eats a knee. Zaromskis lands a right. Weedman shoots again but Zaromskis sprawls. Weedman is pushing Zaromskis into the fence. Weedman drags him but loses control of him. Push kick from Weedman, counter kick from Zaromskis. Another front kick from Weedman. Headkick is blocked by Weedman.

SCORECARD: Weedman 10-9

ROUND TWO: Weedman starts off jabbing and kicking. Zaromskis takes a knee to the gut. Weedman lands a few hard strikes and Zaromskis literally runs away from him. Another front kick from Weedman. Weedman goes for a takedown. Weedman struggles for a submission but Zaromskis escapes. He flips on to Weedman! However, Weedman takes his back and works for a rear-naked choke. Zaromskis tries to punch his way out. Weedman controls his way to end of the round.

SCORECARD: Weedman 10-9

ROUND THREE: Side kick from Zaromskis. Leg kick from Weedman. Weedman tries for a takedown and Zaromskis knees him not once but twice illegally. Sigh, just DQ him. Herzog deducts a point. They clash and Zaromskis lands a kick to the face. Zaromskis lands a spinning back fist but Weedman goes for a takedown. They scramble on the ground and Zaromskis gets top position. Not enough action so the ref stands them up. A rolling kick from Zaromskis! Zaromskis works from guard. They are stood up again. The head kick is blocked. Body kick from Weedman. That's all she wrote.

SCORECARD: Zaromskis 9-9 (-1)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Brent Weedman by unanimous decision (Weedman 29-27X3).

Catchweight Bout (140lbs): Chris Pham (139.6) vs. Jason Sampson (137.4) -

ROUND ONE: Leg kick from Sampson. Pham lands a left jab. Sampson counters with a right. Sampson lands another leg kick. Uppercut from Sampson. Sampson throwing double hooks, looking for a KO. Sampson lands another leg kick, Pham looks to counter but doesn't connect Sampson gets a takedown. Pham escapes. Both fighters are winging hooks at each other. Pham blocks a head kick. Another kick from Sampson. Sampson gets a takedown. Sampson works from half guard. Sampson takes his back. Sampson looks for the rear-naked choke. Pham turns toward Sampson as he attacks the arm. Pham ends the round in guard.

SCORECARD: Sampson 10-9

ROUND TWO: Sampson shoots but this time Pham sprawls. Step in knee from Pham. Sampson shoots again and takes him down. Sampson immediately gets side control. They scramble and Sampson tries for a triangle. Pham defends but Sampson takes his back. Sampson gets full mount and smashes Pham. Pham gives up his back again and this time Sampson gets the RNC! However, he slips off. Sampson attacks again, looking for the elusive RNC. Pham is taking a lot of punishment from hammer strikes. Sampson goes for the armbar but runs out of time.

SCORECARD: Sampson 10-9

ROUND THREE: Flying knee from Sampson! He takes Pham down again. Sampson works his striking game from guard. Pham tries to turn away and Sampson takes his back. Sampson softens him up with a deluge of strikes. He tries another RNC. Sampson rains down more hammer strikes. Pham is taking a lot of abuse from this position. He tries again for the RNC. Sampson transitions to an armbar and after a bit of a struggle he gets it!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Jason Sampson by submission (arm bar) at 4:55 of round 3.

Featherweight Bout: Javier Obregon (146) vs. Hunter Tucker (145)









Welterweight Quarterfinal Bout: Koffie Adzitso (170.8) vs. Ben Saunders (169.8)

ROUND ONE: HIgh kick from Saunders, counter punches from Adzitso. Saunders clinches and pushes Adzitso against the fence. Adzitso turns him around. Adzitso and Saunders fall to the ground. Saunders attacks with his legs, working toward a triangle. He switches to an arm bar and then back to a triangle. Adzitso attacks with strikes. They trade short punches on the ground. Not enough happening on the ground so they are stood up. Big right misses from Adzitso. Saunders gets a takedown. They are stood up again. Saunders nails a stiff knee to the chin and that's the round.

SCORECARD: Saunders 10-9

ROUND TWO: High kick and a knee from Saunders. Saunders lands a big right hand! Adzitso is on his back, fending off the striking attack of Ben Saunders. The fighters trade punches from the guard position and for what reason I have no idea, they are stood up. Adzitso and Saunders clash and end up against the fence. Adzitso tries for a single leg while Saunders works or a kimura. Adzitso finishes the takedown but Saunders tries for a triangle. Adzitso powers out of the triangle. The ref stands them up again. Adzitso ducks punch and tries for another takedown. Saunders makes the switch and puts Adzitso on his knees. Saunders lands some knees before the round ends.

SCORECARD: Saunders 10-9

ROUND THREE: They clinch up and Saunders knees him in the torso. Adzitso tries for another single leg. Saunders works from guard. Saunders delivers some shots to the body and face from guard. Saunders stands in guard with Adzitso pressed into the fence. Saunders rains down punches. Adzitso gets back to his feet. Saunders blocks suplex and resumes a dominant position. More strikes from guard for Saunders. Saunders for an arm bar but runs out of time.

SCORECARD: Saunders 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ben Saunders by unanimous decision (30-27X3).

Welterweight Quarterfinal Bout: Douglas Lima (170.6) vs. Michail Tsarev (170)

ROUND ONE: Lima lands a leg kick. Body kick from Tasrev and a jab from Lima. Tsarev shoots for a takedown. Tsarev is hanging on to that leg for dear life. Lima tries to roll out of it and Tsarev hangs with him, landing under Lima. Lima works from guard. They are finally stood up. Leg kick from Lima. Lima is throwing one strike at a time, which is one more than Tsarev. Front kick from Lima.

SCORECARD: Lima 10-9

ROUND TWO: Lima clobbers Tsarev to start the round. Lima kicks out his leg again. Tsarev appears to have hurt his leg. Tsarev is bouncing on one leg. Tsarev is kicked down again. He stands back up but Tsarev cannot continue due to a leg injury.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Douglas Lima by TKO (knee injury) at 1:44 of round 2.

Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal Bout: Muhammed Lawal (205) vs. Przemyslaw Mysiala (205.6)

ROUND ONE: Mysiala comes out swinging for the fences. Mo with a left hook. Big throws miss from Mysiala. Mo catches a leg kick and counters. He lands a jab. Mysiala lands a few leg kicks. Another leg kick from Mysiala. Mo lands a one-two. Left jab from Mo. Good head movement from Mo tonight. Another left jab from Mo. Mysiala throws a combo that all whiff and Mo counters with a one-punch KO on the chin. Good night baby!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal by KO at 3:52 of round 1.


Welterweight Title Bout: Champ Ben Askren (169.8) vs. Karl Amoussou (167.4)

ROUND ONE: Amoussou comes out swinging. Askren tries, tries and tries again, finally putting Amoussou on his back. Here we go. Askren delivers an elbow. Askren delivering some ground and pound from guard. Another elbow from Askren. Amoussou throws some strikes from the bottom. Askren grabs both wrists and jams an elbow into his eye. Amoussou goes for an armbar but Askren goes back to full guard. Another elbow from the top, courtesy of the Funky one. It's only the first round and Amoussou is a bit of bloody mess.

SCORECARD: Askren 10-9

ROUND TWO: Askren comes out with a right hand. Askren shoots and Amoussou actually puts Askren on his back. Amoussou goes for a heel hook!!! Askren rolls through and ends in the full guard position. Askren picks up about where he left off, turning Amoussou's face into hamburger. Askren is tenderizing Amoussou's face and body with a variety of strikes. Askren gets full mount. This comes close to being stopped as Askren goes all Rumble (from Transformers) on his face! Amoussou is saved by the bell.

SCORECARD: Askren 10-9

ROUND THREE: They clash and Askren goes for a takedown. He tries a little harder and down Amoussou goes. Askren resumes making mush out of Amoussou's face. It's all Askren all day long at this point. Amoussou is fighting not to be finished. Askren smothers him with his torso from half guard. He gets to full mount. More ground and pound from Askren.

SCORECARD: Askren 10-8

And due to Amoussou's face looking like Fedor and Bigfoot smashed it in, we're done.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION – Ben Askren by TKO (Dr. stoppage) at 5:00 of round 3.


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