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Dana White Talks Conor McGregor & more!
Dana White recently spoke to about the contenders in the UFC Featherweight Division. Here is what he had to say… “Especially with all the excitement in that division with Conor McGregor, Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar – that division is so exciting that people are talking about freaking Nik Lentz and Dennis Bermudez. I told Cub and Frankie, ‘Don’t worry about anything you hear with all the Conor McGregor talk and all the other stuff. You worry about Cub Swanson and you worry about Frankie Edgar.’ Believe me, the fact that people are arguing over who should get a title shot in the 145-pound division isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing.”

Full UFC On FX 7 Results Inside Here
Posted on 20 Jan 2013
by Staff


-In the lone Facebook fight, Francisco Trinaldo defeated C.J. Keith via submission (arm-triangle choke) – RD2 (1:50).

-Karyn Bryant, Chael Sonnen and Dominick Cruz are the studio crew and break down the card.

-Jon Anik and Kenny Florian are the commentators for the evening.

Light Heavyweight Bout - Ildemar Alcantara (17-5) vs. Wagner Prado (8-1-1nc)

ROUND ONE: Mario Yamasaki is the official. They come out, Prado finding range early and working his hook effectively. They work along the cage, Alcantara turns him and lands a left on the exit. They circle; push kick by Alcantara and then a right. Body kick follows, leg kick from Prado. Clinch and knees by Alcantara, they separate and they trade kicks. Prado pushes a bit, good right hook by Prado again. Prado keeps trying to sneak in some body shots, Alcantara working a jab to try and back Prado off. Body kick by Alcantara follows, left by Prado and backs Alcantara to the cage. They trade short shots, push kick again by Alcantara. Alcantara back to the jabs, but Prado lands another right hook. Alcantara trying to work his jab more ad use his distance, but Prado keeps getting in with the right hook. Alcantara shoots and gets a takedown, into guard, but nothing much going on here. They get stood up, body kick by Alcantara, but then some rapid fire strikes from Prado as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Prado

ROUND TWO: Prado has a very small cut by his left eye, but it looks to be cleaned up well. Prado working that body shot and then hook again to begin the round. Combo by Alcantara, one from Prado in return by Alcantara gets a takedown. Prado works for a guillotine, Alcantara escapes that and looks for mount, but Prado fighting and up to his feet after Alcantara was looking for a choke of his own. Prado into the half guard of Alcantara. Lefts and elbow tries by Prado as he keeps Alcantara pressed to the mat. He controls from half guard, lands solid strikes, but Alcantara rolls and looks for a knee bar. Alcantara needs to extend the hips to really get the hold, and finally does and Prado taps. Great win on short notice for Alcantara.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ildemar Alcantara via RD2 (2:39) submission

Bantamweight Bout - Yuri Alcantara (26-4) vs. Pedro Nobre (14-1-2dr)

ROUND ONE: Dan Mirgliotta is the official. Body kick by Alcantara to begin, another and then works a push kick. They both throw kicks and Nobre hits Alcantara low. They take time, Alcantara shakes it off, and we're back to action. Jabs by Nobre, Alcantara chases and Nobre gets a bit wild but connects. Misses a high kick, then shoots and takes Alcantara down. Alcantara immediately works for a kimura from half guard, but Nobre rolls, but Alcantara holds on and is cranking on the hold. Nobre rolls and escapes. Alcantara has the back, works for a choke but then flattens him out and land clean head shots. Mirgliotta breaks it up as Alcantara was landing some shots to the back of the head. Alcantara looks shocked, and the final shot looked legit legal. Nobre is down as they bring in a translator. Nobre looks finished here, and the doctor has called the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest RD1 (2:11)

Lightweight Bout - Edson Barboza (10-1) vs. Lucas Martins (11-0)

ROUND ONE: Mario Yamasaki is the official. And here we go. They circle, leg kicks by Barboza. A body kick follows for Barboza, and then back to the leg kick. They both throw kicks and Martins is hit low. He'll take some time, and he's ok. We're back to action, and Barboza lands a nice combo after a leg kick. Martins chases with a combo, looking to find his range, and Barboza lands a nice body kick. Combo by Barboza, misses a body kick and both land rights. Nice right hook by Barboza, leg kick follows. Barboza chases with a combo, and then lands a jab. Back to the leg kicks for Barboza, Martins chases, gets rocked and is down. Barboza swarms him and just whoops his ass with hammer fists, and it looks as is Martins tapped due to strikes.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Edson Barboza via RD1 (2:38) submission to strikes

Featherweight Bout - Nik Lentz (24-5-2dr-1nc) vs. Diego Nunes (18-3)

ROUND ONE: Dan Mirgliotta is the official. And here we go. They circle, Nunes with a leg kick and Lentz answers with one of his own. They clinch, to the cage they go and they battle to stay on the feet. Nunes warned for a possible cage grab, knees by Lentz and Nunes warned for another cage grab. More knees by Lentz, who pulls Nunes to the mat. Nunes to his feet, but slammed back down again. Lentz works Nunes with strikes, flattens him out as he has the back. More rights by Lentz land clean, as he looks for a choke. Nunes manages to get to his feet, eats knees from Lentz who grinds him back down to the mat. More rights follow for Lentz, the crowd hates it as their guy is being controlled here. Lentz continues his control, lands more rights but Nunes makes it to his feet. Lentz again takes him down, rides his back and lands some lefts now. Lentz has the hooks in, lets go and Nunes to his feet. Lentz grinds him along the cage and pulls him back down again. Into mount, more rights by Lentz and the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Lentz

ROUND TWO: And here we go with round two, and a leg kick by Lentz to begin. Nunes lands a right, Lentz shoots ad takes him down. Works from half guard, lands body shots and the crowd hates this. Short elbows by Lentz, who continues to control from the top. Nunes pushes off the cage, but Lentz remains on top and lands more body shots. Lentz controlling, working for side control and now landing elbows to the body. Rise and repeat for Lentz, who looks to improve position, can't get it, and keeps landing body shots. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Lentz now looks for the back, has a hook in and lands more rights. Nunes blocking the choke attempt well, but that's about all that has gone right for him. Nunes gets to his feet, they separate, Nunes with a good right, Lentz drops and shoots and the round ends.

SCORECARD: 20-18 Lentz

ROUND THREE: Final round now, they throw some pawing shots, Lentz shoots and gets stuffed, but lands a few knees. Nunes starts to land, good combo, Lentz shoots and he gets stuffed. Lentz shoots again as Nunes landed a right, and Lentz pulls Nunes down. Lentz with body shots and pillow fists here, but he is in control and grinding out Nunes. Nunes is able to get to his feet, but gets pulled back down once again. Lentz making Nunes carry his weight, but Nunes gets up…and is pulled back down to the mat. Lentz right into mount, Nunes out of that after a bit, but more of the same for Lentz with 30-seconds to go. Nuns gets the clinch and a few knees, Lentz looks hurt now. Lentz shoots, drives Nunes to the cage and takes his down as the time expires. Too little and too late for Nunes, #wrestlefucked.

SCORECARD: 30-27 Lentz

OFFICIAL RESULT: Nik Lentz via unanimous decision (30-28, 30-27, 30-26)

-Back to the studio with Karyn Bryant, Chael Sonnen and Dominick Cruz, who recap the fights thus far.

Middleweight Bout - Andrew Craig (8-0) vs. Ronny Markes (13-1)

ROUND ONE: The official is Marc Goddard. They come out looking to strike early, both throw but nothing much lands. They both look for kicks, but miss. They get wild, Markes with a single leg and Craig gets right back to his feet. They work to the cage, Markes presses but Craig works a few knee strikes. Looks for a body lock and takedown, Markes drops down, but cannot pulls Craig down with him. he then gets him down for a moment, but Craig pops right back up. Markes works Craig along the cage, pressing and looking to take him down and does with a big slam. Craig scoots to the cage, sits up and looks to pop back up to his feet. Markes tries to pull him flat, fails, but then climbs on his back and looks for the rear naked choke. Craig out of that, Markes still on his back looking to get the choke back. Craig throwing some shots and connecting as he looks to escape the position, but Markes keeps the body lock as Craig basically lays on him and fights off the choke. Markes lands some shots of his own, looks for a possible arm bar, but time runs out.

SCORECARD: Markes 10-9

ROUND TWO: Round two begins, Craig with leg kicks to begin. Markes looks to shoot, fails and Craig is looking to stand and connect. Markes shoots again, drives Craig to the mat and works in the guard. Markes looking for the kimura, Markes passes into side control and still working the hold. Craig manages to escape as Markes got sloppy and lost position. Markes keeps it on the ground, but Craig gets to his feet along the cage. Markes works position, Craig with short lefts to try and fight off another takedown. They get warned to work, man, Nik Lentz called and told them to do some work. They get separated, back center cage and Craig throws and misses a wild kick, but them stuff the shot of Markes. Markes circles, fakes throwing punches and the round ends.

SCORECARD: Markes 20-18

ROUND THREE: Final round now, and they clinch and go to the cage right away. Markes throws some knees, looks for a takedown by Craig fights that off and they continue to work along the cage. And then fights off another takedown attempt. They get warned again for lack of work along the cage. They fight to center cage, separate and Craig chases and drops Markes with a right hook. Craig follows and works some hammer fists, and then some short elbows from side control. Craig all over Markes, who looks exhausted. Markes gets him to half guard, as Craig looks to trap an arm. Craig appears tired as well, as he is landing in volume but nothing that is threatening a finish here. Craig actually asks his corner, "should I go for something?" Well genius, a finish is what you need, so my answer is yes. Craig allows Markes to stand, ands a flying knee, and then gets taken down. Craig to his feet, but can't do anything, and that is that.

SCORECARD: Markes 29-28

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ronny Markes via unanimous decision (29-28 across the cards)

Featherweight Bout - Godofredo Peppy (9-1) vs. Milton Vieira (13-7-2dr)

ROUND ONE: Your official is Mario Yamisaki. Both men come out and they look pretty pissed off. Both looking to find range, body kick by Vieira lands. Combo by Peppy, leg kick follows. Peppy lands a good right, but Vieira gets a takedown. Peppy looks to hold onto Vieira, but Vieira lands some shots to keep Peppy down. Vieira working from guard, and both work their ground game, which for now is canceling each other out. Peppy works for a triangle, escape by Vieira and they scramble to their feet. Vieira hit low, and we take time to allow him to recover. Back to action, Peppy in with a wild combo, connects and to the cage they go. V with the takedown and into side control. Peppy back to his feet, Vieira with a spinning high kick that misses. Round ends.

SCORECARD: Vieira 10-9

ROUND TWO: Vieira has some swelling under his left eye. Peppy trying to work a combo, but Vieira takes him down almost immediately. Vieira working from the top, Peppy looking for a kimura, and Peppy then sweeps into a mount. Lands some shots, gets the back of Vieira and looking for the choke. Peppy with some shots to soften up Vieira, who keeps his chin tucked and fights off the choke. Peppy has the body figure foured, fishing for the choke and then landing good strikes to Vieira. Peppy with body shots as well, keeps the body lock and lands more rights to the head and body. Vieira looks to roll, Peppy holds on and keeps landing shots.


ROUND THREE: Final round now. Leg kicks by Peppy to begin, left hook from Vieira and Peppy chases with a combo and then back to the leg kicks. Peppy with the Ali shuffle there, left hook follows. Quick clinch, Vieira throws a knee and misses as Peppy then lands another leg kick. Great right hook by Vieira as Peppy was throwing a jab. Overhand right by Peppy grazes Vieira. Vieira with another good right, a knee follows and to the cage they go. Vieira works a kimura and pulls Peppy to the mat. Peppy gets warned for grabbing Vieira's shorts. Vieira now works from the guard, Peppy looking for a way to escape, and…they get stood up? SERIOUSLY? Jesus, ok. Back to their feet, which is STUPID, and a combo by Peppy, but Vieira takes him down and lands some short elbows. Vieira stands and then dives in with a superman punch to Peppy, who was still on the ground. Fight ends on the ground as time runs out.

SCORECARD: Vieira 29-28

OFFICIAL RESULT: Godofredo Peppy via decision (29-28 Vieira, 29-28 Peppy, 29-28 Peppy)

-Peppy is interviewed, and says he was not confident of the victory when it went to the judges, but felt he won the second round handily.


Lightweight Bout - Khabib Nurmagomedov (18-0) vs. Thiago Tavares (21-4-1dr)

ROUND ONE: The official is Dan Mirgliotta. And here we go, both come out and touch gloves and circle. Tavares takes center cage, backs off Nurmagomedov a bit with faints and is cutting off the cage, but not connecting. Good left by Nurmagomedov, misses a wild right and Tavares chases him back again. Tavares controlling the cage, but Nurmagomedov DROPS him with an uppercut and then rains down rights and elbows and Mirgliotta finally stops the fight. Brutal ending.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Khabib Nurmagomedov via RD1 (1:55) KO

Heavyweight Bout - Gabriel Gonzaga (13-6) vs. Ben Rothwell (32-8)

ROUND ONE: Marc Goddard is the official. Rothwell should take his sweater off before the…oh, never mind. Good right by Rothwell to begin. Gonzaga shoots, and gets a single leg. Rothwell looks to slip out and gets to his feet. Gonzaga presses Rothwell against the cage, looks for a single leg but Rothwell back to his feet. They work along the cage, and Gonzaga drags him down to the mat. Looks for his back, ad lands some rights as Rothwell looks to get back to his feet. He does with little damage done. Gonzaga presses Rothwell against the cage again, works some knees as Rothwell lands some body shots. They get separated by the official, and back center cage they go. Gonzaga shoots, takes Rothwell to the cage and gets an overhand right. He backs off, Rothwell is cut from that right. Combo by Rothwell, lands a left and stuffs a takedown. Knees by Rothwell, gets warned for going low, but they keep fighting. Rothwell separates, right by Gonzaga and another follows. Gonzaga shoots, stuffed and back to the feet. To the cage, combo by Rothwell connects. Back to the cage they go, they break and the round ends. Close round.

SCORECARD: Gonzaga 10-9

ROUND TWO: Round two begins, and Gonzaga clips Rothwell with a right. Rothwell chases, counter shot by Gonzaga. Clinch and knees by Gonzaga, and shoots, and now has a standing guillotine and then drops to the mat. Gonzaga has it locked and Rothwell has to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gabriel Gonzaga via RD1 (1:01) submission

-Anik interviews Gonzaga. Gonzaga says it s great to win in Brazil, and discusses his submission victory.

Middleweight Bout - CB Dollaway (13-5) vs. Daniel Sarafian (8-2)

ROUND ONE: The official is Mario Yamasaki. And here we go, round one and the crowd loves Sarafian and treat him like a star. No touch of gloves, Sarafian out quick and counters the jabs of CB. Leg kick by CB, they circle and CB misses a high kick. Sarafian dances a round, lands a right and chases with a combo and backs off CB. CB chases with an overhand right and misses, good body kick by CB. Chasing jabs by CB, and Sarafian clips CB with a right, and CB is down. Sarafian follows up and lands some shots, but CB is back and fights to his feet. Good recovery there. Kick by CB and a right by Sarafian at the same time. Good right by Sarafian, and a left hook follows. Body kick by Sarafian, CB with the jabs to try and back him off. Another right by Sarafian, and a body shot follows. Jabs by both men, Sarafian misses a wild right. Fires back with a combo, and he continues to circle and dance around CB. Push kick misses for Sarafian, but chases CB back as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Sarafian 10-9

ROUND TWO: Round two begins, CB working his jab to find range. Sarafian also working the jab, both connecting a bit, but nothing major as they continue to circle. Some sloppy kicks thrown, nothing connecting and Sarafian goes for a takedown but takes a knee as CB stuffs that. They separate, both working the jab once again. Good right by Sarafian connects, leg kick by CB follows that. Good right by Sarafian, shoots for a takedown by CB bounces back to his feet right away. Right by Sarafian, just as CB lands a body kick. They are throwing a lot at the same time, both connecting, but nothing major. Sarafian catches a kick and looks for the takedown, but CB right back to his feet again. Sarafian fails with a spin kick and almost eats a huge right. CB's shots are sneaking through as Sarafian's face is bloodied. Combo by CB, they both land jabs at the same time. CB's stuff is doing some more damage as the right eye of Sarafian is getting swelled. CB catches Sarafian with a right, to the ground, swarms on him and lands a ton of shots but the horn saves Sarafian. CB is staring at Yamasaki, and not happy that the bout was not stopped.


ROUND THREE: FINAL ROUND! CB just misses a high kick over the top. Good combo by CB after a right by Sarafian. Sarafian looking tired here, not so much bounce in his step as before, and CB takes cage control and looks to back him to the cage. Nice left hook by CB, clinch and a knee follows. Another right by CB, backs him off and now takes Sarafian to the ground with the double leg. Mount by CB, gets his back , but that allows Sarafian to get to his feet. Another double leg by CB, looks to take his back for the choke and has taken over the fight. CB back to mount, but Sarafian manages to sweep out into half guard. Sarafian looks for mount, lands some shots and has the back of CB. He wants the choke, CB looking to defend that. CB then sweeps and counters into half guard. Sarafian looking to sweep again, and to his feet. A knee connects, CB shoots and the horn sounds. Close fight overall.

SCORECARD: Sarafian 29-28

OFFICIAL RESULT: via decision (29-28 Dollaway, 29-28 Sarafian, 29-28 Dollaway)

-Dollaway says his opponent was tougher than expected, and defended his takedowns very well, which shocked him.

-Video preview for Aldo vs. Edgar.

Middleweight Bout - Vitor Belfort (21-10) vs. Michael Bisping (24-4)

ROUND ONE: Dan Mirgliotta is the official. And here we go. They circle, jabs by Bisping as he looks for range, and then lands a leg kick. Body kick by Belfort, hard leg kick by Bisping. Jabs follow for Bisping, and then a good right. Belfort fakes a leaping knee, but another jab by Bisping connects. They dance around, Belfort misses a spin kick and Bisping chases a bit, but Belfort backs away. Counter right by Belfort, jabs by Bisping and slips away from an overhand right from Belfort. Body kick by Belfort, back to the jabs by Bisping. Body kick by Belfort again, and we have an accidental eye poke on Bisping, but we're quickly back to action. Back spin kick by Bisping kind of connects, body kick again by Belfort almost caught by Bisping. Jabs by Bisping, but Belfort lands a good high kick and backs off Bisping. He chases, but cannot take full advantage as Bisping recovers and the round ends.

SCORECARD: Bisping 10-9

ROUND TWO: Leg kicks by Bisping to begin. he is bleeding from the nose here, and he looks to throw the jab to back off Belfort. High kick by Belfort KILLS Bisping and he is down! Belfort follows up and destroys him with rights and IT IS ALL OVER! Bisping is bleeding badly from that. Damn.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Vitor Belfort via RD2 (1:27) TKO

-Belfort says that he did this because of God, and that he worked very hard. He thanks his wife, mom, dad, trainers, the crowd, brazil, America and the UK. Jesus gets a shout out, and then says he wants a rematch against Jon Jones. He tells Dana to kick that clown out of the fight and give it to him.

-Bisping is asked about the fight, and says that Vitor won, and that he has no excuses. He was confident he would win, but tonight, Belfort is the better man tonight. He says he will be back and better than ever.


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