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Dana White Talks Conor McGregor & more!
Dana White recently spoke to about the contenders in the UFC Featherweight Division. Here is what he had to say… “Especially with all the excitement in that division with Conor McGregor, Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar – that division is so exciting that people are talking about freaking Nik Lentz and Dennis Bermudez. I told Cub and Frankie, ‘Don’t worry about anything you hear with all the Conor McGregor talk and all the other stuff. You worry about Cub Swanson and you worry about Frankie Edgar.’ Believe me, the fact that people are arguing over who should get a title shot in the 145-pound division isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing.”

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Posted on 18 Jan 2013
by Staff

Credit: Mark Radulich

Featherweight Bout: Cleber Luciano (144.9) vs. Mario Navarro (144.5)

ROUND ONE: Luciano immediately takes Navarro down and begins working from guard. Navarro is very active on his back, defending the advances of Luciano. Luciano tries to get to side control but can't stay there. Navarro tries to shrimp out and get back to his feet. Luciano ends up in the North-South position. Navarro pushes Luciano into guard. Luciano stacks Navarro. Luciano passes to side and sticks his knee on the belly of Navarro. Navarro pushes him back to full guard and Luciano proceeds to hammer him. Navarro tries for an arm bar but Luciano blocks it. Luciano spends the remaining minutes raining down punches.

SCORECARD: Luciano 10-9

ROUND TWO: Navarro misses the high head kick. Luciano takes him down again, rinse - repeat. Navarro ties him up, preventing him from advancing his position. Luciano can't seem to progress from the half guard position. After some strenuous work he finally gets to full mount but Navarro uses this moment to try and can't free. Luciano retreats to half guard. This sequence repeats but this time Navarro gets back to his feet, only to be taken down again. Luciano punches Navarro from full guard. Luciano continues to tenderize Navarro as he looks for a submission. He tries for an arm-triangle but Navarro defends. Navarro gets back to his feet, using the cage for leverage. They end the round with Luciano wrapped around his waist.

SCORECARD: Luciano 10-9

ROUND THREE: Navarro tries a flying something, but doesn't commit. They lock up in the center of the cage. Luciano changes levels and tries for a takedown. Navarro uses the cage for leverage, blocking the takedown. And then something really strange happens. Navarro attempts a jump guard attack. I would like to remind you that he's lost this fight on his back for 2 consecutive rounds. Moving on...Luciano works from half guard. Navarro looks for the ref to stand them up but Luciano is doing enough not be called for stalling. Navarro tries to shrimp out again. Luciano is sniffing around for rear-naked choke. Luciano gets to full mount and commences to hammer away on Navarro. Navarro is curled up and defending until time is called.

SCORECARD: Luciano 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Cleber Luciano by unanimous decision (30-27X9).

Welterweight Bout: Joe Williams (170.7) vs. Jamie Yager (170.8)

ROUND ONE: Yager starts off throwing a high kick. Williams sticks his jab out there. Leaping uppercut from Yager knocks him off balance. Williams catches a kick and takes Yager down against the fence. Yager gets to his feet and fights off a second takedown until Williams puts him on his back away from the cage. Williams works from half guard. Yager defends with a guillotine attempt. Williams tries to pass into mount. Short punches and elbows from both fighters. Yager flips over, giving up his back. Williams hammers on Yager with his left hand. McCarthy stops the fight, much to Yagers chagrin. Yager protests saying that he was defending but McCarthy responds that he had ample time to move or do something and he neglects to do so.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Joe Williams by TKO 4:02 at of round 1.

Lightweight Bout: Mike Guymon (155.7) vs. Savant Young (155.5)

ROUND ONE: Young comes out jabbing. Guymon charges forward and after a struggle takes him down. Young has Guymon in full guard. Guymon works for full mount while Young tries to get back to his feet while stifling Guymon's offense. Guymon pulls Young off of the fence and takes his back. Young defends against the rear-naked choke and lays his back against the fence. Guymon slides around and retakes his back. Young escapes and gets back to his feet. Guymon keeps up the pressure and pushes Young against the fence. He hits him with knees in the clinch. Outside trip from Guymon puts the stocky Young back down again. Guymon lays in a big right hand bomb. Young stands up and eats knee as the round comes to a close.

SCORECARD: Guymon 10-9

ROUND TWO: Young is looking for the early KO in round 2. OH MY GOD!!! Young lands a HUGE left hook as Guymon came charging in. Guymon is out! Boom, done!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Savant Young by KTFO at 0:48 of round 2.

Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal Bout: Atanas Djambazov (205.6) vs. Emanuel Newton (205.4)

ROUND ONE: Some quick exchanges to start off this fight. Newton lands a counter kick. Djambazov backs Newton into the fence. Newton circles out. High kick from Djambazov, which he follows with a flurry of punches. Newton is throwing a lot of counter punches. Djambazov throws another flurry and backs Newton into the fence. Side kick from Newton. Uppercut from Djambazov is met with a counter kick from Newton. They clinch against the fence, exchange knees and Newton gets the takedown. Djambazov tries for an armbar. Newton tries to slam his way out. Newton stands up in guard and that allows Djambazov to get up. Newton takes his back and forces him back down. They scramble and Newton lands in full guard. Newton smashes him with a right, which allows him to pass into side control.

SCORECARD: Newton 10-9

ROUND TWO: The fighters resume standing and trading. Newton lands a teep kick. He pushes him into the fence. Djambazov lands an uppercut. Newton tackles him. Djambazov tries a hip toss but ends up with Newton in full mount. Newton is raining down punches from full mount. Djambazov flips over and choked out via RNC. Newton advances to the semi-finals.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Emanuel Newton by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:21 of round 2.

Catchweight Bout (165lbs): J.J. Ambrose (164.5) vs. Brian Warren (165)

ROUND ONE: Kick from Ambrose. Another and he knocks Warren into the fence. Lays down some hammer strikes and takes his back. They scramble and Warren is nearly KO'ed do to an up-kick. Warren tries for a triangle but doesn't get it. Ambrose works from full guard. Ambrose lands short punches from the full guard position. Not enough action for referee Herzog and so they are stood up. Warren trying to find his range but Ambrose stumbles Warren who backs up in defense. Ambrose is all over him! Ambrose tries to finish him with punches. Warren defends with some elbows to stay in the fight. Ambrose keeps punching until the bell sounds.

SCORECARD: Ambrose 10-8

ROUND TWO: Side kick from Ambrose. Kick from Warren is met with a counter right that drops Warren! Ambrose finishes him off with a guillotine.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – JJ Ambrose by submission at 0:50 of round 2.

Light Heavyweight Bout: Jason Lambert (205.5) vs. Hector Ramirez (204.8)

ROUND ONE: The fighters are trying to find their range. Ramirez with a one-two combo. Ramirez presses Lambert against the fence. Ramirez backs off of him. Side kick from Lambert. Ramirez cuts Lambert with a series of punches. Leg kick from Lambert. Ramirez counters with a kick. They lock up against the fence. The fighters exchange knees. Ramirez circles out. Ramirez catches Lambert coming in. Lambert presses Ramirez against the fence. Short punches from Lambert. Ramirez gets the takedown. Lambert attempts a triangle-armbar and he gets it!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Jason Lambert by submission (inverted straight armbar) at 3:59 of round 1.

Featherweight Bout: Joe Camacho (145.8) vs. Aaron Miller (145.8)

ROUND ONE: Miller lands a leg kick. Left hook from Camacho. Miller drives Camacho into the fence. Camacho lands an uppercut. Miller lands a beautiful looking judo throw! Miller is in full guard. Camacho snatches an arm, trying for a submission. Miller realized he was in trouble and pulls away. Camacho tries for it again. Camacho flips to his knees. Miller isn't giving Camacho any chance to breathe. Miller hammers on Camacho until the bell sounds.

SCORECARD: Miller 10-9

ROUND TWO: Camacho comes forward throwing punches. Miller scoops him up and slams him down. Camacho holds on, trying for a stall. Both men are working steadily from the full guard position. Camacho tries to get to his feet but Miller grabs his head and flips him to his back again. Miller hammers him again. Camacho tries for an armbar and then a kneebar.

SCORECARD: Miller 10-9

ROUND THREE: They clash in the center and Miller lands a knee. Miller slams Camacho down again. Miller works from the half guard position. Miller moves into full guard and rains down a series of elbows. Camacho kicks Miller in the head while he was still firmly grounded. Not good. Time is called so that Miller can recover. Miller shakes it off and they resume the fight. Camacho nearly up-kicks him again. They continue to grapple on the ground. Camacho snags and loses an armbar. Miller forces Camacho to stay on the mat. Miller lands an elbow. Miller stands up in guard again as the bell sounds.

SCORECARD: Miller 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Aaron Miller by unanimous decision (30-27X3).



Featherweight Title Bout: Champ Pat Curran (144.8) vs. Patricio "Pitbull" Freire (144.5)

ROUND ONE: Front kick from Curran is met with a one-two combo from Pitbull. Leg kick from Pitbull. Pitbull comes forward with a combo bookended by leg kicks. Curran is having some real difficulty getting inside. An exchange of legkicks. Right hand from Curran. Curran comes forward with a combo but it's all blocked. Left hook, straight from Pitbull. Curran counters Pitbull. Front kick from Curran. Left hook from Pitbull. Another pair of kicks. Pitbull is doing a nice Tarec Saffiedine impression. A final kick from Curran ends the round.

SCORECARD: Pitbull 10-9

ROUND TWO: Curran circles away from Pitbull to start off this round. A pair of right hands and a kick from Curran but not much is getting through. Pitbull wades in and takes a shot in the belly. Knee from Curran. Knee and right hand from Curran. Head kick from Curran. Left hook from Pitbull hurts Curran but Pitbull doesn't follow. Pitbull lands a pair of leg kicks. Curran returns fire. Head kick from Curran. There's blood leaking out of Pitbull's nose. Curran is throwing a lot of jabs. They tie up in the center of the cage. Pitbull comes out swinging for the fences but Curran is juking and jiving. Leg kick from Pitbull.

SCORECARD: Curran 10-9

ROUND THREE: Some fast exchanges to start off round 3. One-two combo is blocked by Curran. Pitbull lands a straight right to the gut. Jab from Curran finds its mark. Curran throwing more volume now. Pitbull throws a heavy leg kick. It's partially blocked but it still stunned Curran. Another right to the body. Pitbull lands a left after a brief break in the action due to an eye poke. Pitbull comes forward with another combo. Pitbull evades Curran and lands a series of strikes. Curran misses a flying knee.

SCORECARD: Pitbull 10-9

ROUND FOUR: Pitbull lands another 1-2-3-leg kick combo. Pitbull throws another series of punches and kicks. Curran lands a shot to the body and follows with a punch in the nose. Left hook from Curran. Flying knee from Pitbull. Kick to the body from Curran. Clash of heads and Pitbull is really annoyed. Curran is opening up again. An exchange of rights. Spinning back kick from Pitbull. Pitbull goes for a single leg. Curran defends and keeps it standing. Curran lands an uppercut. Body shot from Curran. This has been a see-saw battle between these featherweights. Double jab from Curran stuns Pitbull.

SCORECARD: Curran 10-9

ROUND FIVE: Both men come out strong in this round. Leg kick from Pitbull buckles Curran. They clash and Pitbull tries another takedown. Curran stuffs it. Step in knee from Curran. Pitbull catches a kick and takes a shot in the chin. Curran aborts a lazy takedown. Kick to the body from Curran. He follows with a stiff jab. Both men land punches square in the jaw. Right hand snaps Pitbulls neck back. Another snapping shot in the face of Pitbull. Another one! Pitbull can't get an advantage. Pitbull turns up the volume! One right gets through and stuns Curran! They're going back and forth but the bell rings! Nice ending to a pretty good kicking boxing match.

SCORECARD: Curran 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION – Pat Curran by split decision (48-47 Pitbull, 48-47X2 Curran).

Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal Bout: Renato "Babalu" Sobral (205.3) vs. Mikhail Zayats (205.7)

ROUND ONE: Babalu lands a kick to the body and ties up with Zayats. Babalu presses Zayats against the fence and knees him in the torso. Babalu is admonished for holding the fence. Knee from Zayats. Not enough action for McCarthy so they are broken up. Zayats a shot on the chin. Cup shot from Babalu. Big right from Babalu jacks Zayats jaw. They tie up again. They exchange knees. Short punches in the clinch. They restarted again. Leg kick from Babalu. Zayats eats a knee going for a takedown. Zayats lands vicious spinning backfist that sends Babalu to queer street! Zayats pounces and Babalu takes cover! Zayats pounds on him to get the TKO win with seconds to spare.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Mikhail Zayats by TKO at 4:49 of round 1.


Lightweight Title Bout: Champ Michael Chandler (154.6) vs. Rick Hawn (155)

ROUND ONE: Chandler lands a few leg kicks. Hawn counters. Leg kick from Chandler. Chandler tackles Hawn. Elbow from Chandler. Another elbow from Chandler. Hawn is looking for a stand-up from the ref. Chandler is pummeling Hawn. Chandler drives his knee several times into the leg and thigh of Hawn. Chandler knees Hawn in the body. Hawn pops up and stuns Chandler with a pair of punches. Chandler misses an uppercut.

SCORECARD: Chandler 10-9

ROUND TWO: Chandler picks up where he left off and takes down Hawn. Chandler drives his elbow into Hawn's face. More elbows from Chandler. Chandler takes Hawn's back and taps him out! Wow!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION – Michael Chandler by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:07 of round 2.

Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal Bout: Jacob Noe (205.9) vs. Seth Petruzelli (204.8)

ROUND ONE: They both come out swinging! Petruzelli attempts takedown. He takes a lot of punches to the jaw in the process. He changes his level again and eventually backs off. Petruzelli lands a hard right. Side kick from Petruzelli. They both throw front kicks. One-two from Petruzelli. He shoots and gets the takedown but Noe takes his back and finishes him off with series of hammer fists. Good night everybody!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Jacob Noe by TKO at 2:51 of round 1.


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